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going to be tidying up

I finally have a connection where LiveJournal works! I have a job and a different college I'm going to, so it may take a while, but I will tidy up here and (finally) get the fictions I posted up on AsianFanFiction on here :) I may even (if I I have time) write more! I also owe a few fictions to my friends! :)


Title: Confession
Genre: Oneshot fluff :D
Rating: PG for cursing?
Characters: Minho, Taemin, brief!Onew
Pairing: 2Min
Summary: Under Onew's orders, Minho (who has an odd feeling about Taemin) has to pick up the maknae from dancing.


AN: My first 2Min fic! Expect more :p

A Song For You

Title: A Song For You
Rating: PG at the most
Characters: Beast (Dongwoon-Kikwang centered)
Pairing: KiWoon
Genre: Fluff/romance
Summary: Kikwang prepared something special for Dongwoon. :)

Please click here. :)

AN: Sorry it's not on LiveJournal D: I'm at college and LJ is stupid here haha. Comment here if you don't have an account over there :p

Just For You

Name: Just For You
Pairing: Kiwoon (Kikwang + Dongwoon)
Genre: Smuuuuut :p
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Just read it, okay? xD

AN: My first non-SuJu fic. :D Expect another one soon :p

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I Don't Regret It

Title: I Don't Regret It 
Characters: girl!Donghae, Kibum, Eunhyuk
Pairing: Kihae
Length: PG to PG-13 (mention of sex)
Length: Drabble


I don"t know what to do....Collapse )


Title: Heartbroken
Characters: Sungmin
Pairings: Broken!KyuMin, Sungmin/A tall man ;)
Genre: Fluffy angst?
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble? I dunno really. I may add to it. :)
Summary: Kyuhyun broke up with Sungmin. :( 

A/N: I wrote this all in a matter of one hour, probably less. I'm thinking about adding to it anyways. <3

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Alone // Part One

Title: Alone
Length: Two Parts (so far) // Part One
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: PG to PG-13 (this part alone) 
Summary: Kibum is confused about his feelings, so after a special night he leaves Donghae...all alone. 

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If You Play Doctor, You'll Get Repaid

Title: If You Play Doctor, You'll Get Repaid
Characters: Kyuhyun / Reader
Rating: R 
Genre: Smut
Summary: Kyuhyun feels sick, and when you help him get better, he thinks you should be repaid. 

A/N: This is fail, I think. Bad. I'm sorry. :3

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She Will Be Mine - Chapter 2, Part C

Title: She Will Be Mine
Chapter: 2 (part C) // ?
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Characters: Donghae, oc girl (reader), Kyuhyun
Pairings: Donghae/oc girl/Kyuhyun
Summary: Donghae & Kyuhyun fall in love with the same girl....what happens now?

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 Things I would like to do:
  • post chapter 2, part c in She is Will Be Mine
  • Make a little oneshot about Henry & him being innocent. xD
  • Another Kihae smut? <<--kekeke.
  • I wanted to do a 2Min fluff. Try to dabble in SHINee fics xD I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO DO A 2MIN SMUT FIC.